Customer set up an account with us by going to the account set up page. Or customer can start by registering with us in the register page in case you need us to send further info.

After credit details are received and confirmed. customer can send orders through our order form page or by email. Click here to see how to place your order.

Order processing unit checks customers' orders, sends back question if there are any. Order processing unit schedule jobs and confirm reception of the order If customers did not receive our order confirmation within 12 hours, it means we did not receive your order.

Planning Unit puts right man on the right job and a careful planning of how each job should be run.

Digitizers interpret the designs/jobs and do what they know best and that is to digitize with the highest artistic skills that they have bearing in mind the quality and how it would run efficiently on embroidery machines.

Quality Check of the embroidery data is performed here. Screening each and every section of the design so that there will not be any fault in actual production.

Q unit2 rechecks the design and add some finishing touches if requirement is needed.

Design can be sent to your personal web page or right to your email address.

Your credit card will be charged as and only when we send you the invoice and orders are finalized.