It is very important that you do a little bit of homework regarding the size before you send them to us. What you can do is you can print out the art that you will be sending and place on the particular garment area that you will be embroidering on. This will help you in the first hand see what the embroidery pattern will be.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can manipulate the design by resizing, changing the location of the text in that particular art. For example: it is advisable to make a left chest design no larger than 4 inches wide (101.6 millimeters), as the design will fall into the armpit if any larger.

Letters cannot be embroidered less than .22 inches height (5 millimeters). If lettering is any smaller you will not be able to see the letters clearly, unless there is a stable fill background under the lettering.

Ways to change design dimensions include:
1) Change Lower case lettering into uppercase.
2) Eliminate some of the letters.
3) Place the letters on 2 or more lines.
4) Arc the lettering around the logo.

Following are the standard sizes of embroidery related to the location:

Location Height (inches) Width (inches) Height (millimeters) Width (millimeters)
Hat/Cap: 2.25 4.0 57.2 101.6
Left Chest: 4.0 3.5 101.6 88.9
Front Chest: 6.0 6.0 152.4 152.4
Jacket Back: 11.00 11.00 279.4 279.4
** Please note that due to various types and patterns of art, sizes may not coincide with the size table that we have above. For example for caps, if the height is 2.25 inches, width may not necessary be 4 inches. It could be more or less. If width is more than 4 inches (for caps), it will fall out of the cap size and cannot be embroidered and size needs to be adjusted to fall into the range of size table specified above. **