• Contact us for the price brochure. You are contacting directly to the manufacturer
  • Eventhough our price is economical, we will never lose the concept of a good quality and value. No catch, just simple GOOD BUSINESS...Digitizinging is the ONLY thing we do.
  • It's not a side business. So we have to make sure that we offer the BEST of everything in order to get and keep loyal customers! We are therefore able to pass those savings on to you and provide the individual, personalized service that every ONE deserves.


Contact us for editing any of your designs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is very important to include our ref number for easy tracking. The more accurate your explanation, the faster you will get your design. You may provide us some drawing about where you need the editing to be done.
  • Add new digitized design on original design : new design stitch count only.
  • Change design size : between 1 - 5% free editing but access stitch count from the original will be added.
  • More than 5% : original stitch count plus new stitch count if the design will have to be redigitized. But if the design need not be redigitized, you will be charged with new design stitch count only.
  • If decrease in size, free editing. Design alteration not original specified : you will be charged with original stitch count and new stitch count.
  • Change in density : Increase : Free Editng but excess stitch count from the original will be added
  • Change in density : Decrease : Free Editing but you will be charged with original stitch count.
  • Design flaw cause by Digitizing Factory : Free
  • When you need editing on any of your design, it would be best if you could send the scan embroidered image of the design in question. For editing, any design that is unneccessary to charge, you will not be charged